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spanish International Studies Charter School

Spanish IS Program

The Spanish ISCHS program is approved by the Spanish consulate and Miami-Dade county from the 6th (6th grade) to the 12th grade (12th grade).
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Dual Diploma



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Dual Diploma

The Spanish IS program was established 14 years ago thanks to the collaboration of the Spanish consulate and Miami Dade county. Students enrolled in the program are awarded a double diploma: the American as well as the Spanish diploma.

This allows the student to achieve a prestigious academic title while at the same time opening the door to an academic future in Europe.

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Our goal is to achieve a superior level of proficiency by engaging our students with multi curricular activities like theatre, songs, conversational skills and technology.

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Spanish Curriculum

The program follows the Spanish curriculum which implements Spanish Language and Literature along with Geography and History classes, both in the target language.

Moreover, students are also able to take two AP classes: AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish literature. Students are expected to read and write fluently in Spanish.