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ischs International Studies Charter School

Uniform Policy

The appearance of the members of the International Studies Charter High School family
is of paramount importance to us as we believe that pride in our appearance is
fundamental to good character development and success.

Our school board endorses the following uniform policy. Students are required to follow this policy, and failure to do so will result in administrative action being taken against the student.

Please Note:

Students who are not wearing the correct uniform will be given demerits and/or suspended indoors until they are in compliance with the following code.

Repeat violators may be subject to outdoor suspension(s).

All Students:

1 – All students are required to wear straight cut, full length Khaki pants, with school logo on the side. These pants may not to be skinny pants, not have cargo pockets, unusual tailoring and/or labels, may not be manufactured from jean material and must be fitted to the student correctly. Pants that are too big or too tight for the student are not acceptable and will be deemed in violation of the uniform code.

2Belts must be worn at all times; these belts must be plain, black or brown leather belts and fastened securely at waist level. Pants must be worn at waist level. Loose or low pants will not be tolerated.

3 – Shirts must be navy or striped rugby shirt, bearing the International Studies Charter School logo. No other shirt colors or styles are permitted. All shirts must be correctly tucked into pants at all times and secured in place with the belt. A maximum of one (1) button may be left unfastened at the top of any shirt.

4 – During cooler weather, navy V neck, crew necks or Rugby shirt with school logo may be worn. Additionally, navy zipper sweatshirts with school logo or regular sweat shirt with school logo may also be worn (No hoodies allowed!).

5 – Coats may only be worn outside of the school. Absolutely no outside jackets will be allowed inside of school buildings. All coats worn must be solid school colors only.

6Shoes must be closed, solid black, brown shoes or white. Matching laces must be worn and fastened tightly at all times.

7Jewelry is limited to one (1) watch, one (1) ring, and one (1) small chain. Chains must be worn inside of shirts and are not to be visible except at the back of the neck.

8 – All uniform must be clean and pressed at all times; good grooming of hair, skin and fingernails is expected at all times.

9All headgear (hats, scarves, bandannas etc.) is forbidden on school property.

10 – No buttons, tags, or labels may be worn on the school uniform unless approved by the administration.

11 – A student’s ID must be worn around the neck on the outside of their uniform visible at all times. This is a security mandate.

Winter Clothes

Navy V-Neck, Crew Neck with school logo or Rugby shirt

Navy Zipper Sweatshirt or regular sweatshirt with school logo

(No hoodies allowed)

Physical Education Uniform

Athletic Yellow T-Shirt with Silkscreen Eagle Logo

Blue Mesh Shorts with ISCHS Logo