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Math Tutoring Calendar 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.   Middle School Mondays: 6th & 7th grade Pre-Algebra w/ Ms. Saint Louis Wednesdays:  6th and 7th grade Pre-Algebra w/ Ms/ Moss-Jimenez   High School A Day: pre Calculus and AP Computer Science w/ Mr.Cobo B Day (except Tuesdays): Algebra I,

Picture Day Plan and Map Download 1. Students scheduled time is by last name and school. 2. Students temperature will be taken upon entering. 3. All Safety Protocols will be enforced. a. 6’ feet apart b. Masks c. Hand Sanitizers 4. Students will initiate line by the

Brick and Mortar Re-Opening Dates   These return dates are ONLY for students that have chosen to return to brick and mortar on the survey.  The selection must have been made by the deadline (September 25th).  Students who did not choose the