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clubs International Studies Charter School

Clubs and Activities

International Studies has a host of different organization and club opportunities for students to take part in. In both the middle and high school, there are elective, honor, service, and interest clubs that students can join or start.
activities International Studies Charter School

Mission Statement

Our Activities office strives to encourage the intellectual, social, recreational and moral development of our students and student groups. The office provides activities, programs, services and resources that facilitate education and entertainment.


The Activities office is designed to stimulate the exchange of ideas, activities and opinions; to develop an appreciation of our globally diverse society; and to contribute to an enjoyable school environment.

activities International Studies Charter School


To provide a vibrant activities program that engages, entertains, educates, and involves all students at International Studies Charter School.
clubs International Studies Charter School

Types of Clubs

An elective club consists of students voted on in order to achieve a specific goal.

An honor club is usually a nationally recognized student body organization that focuses on student academics and skills.

A service club consists of students who gather to provide the community with services that range from feeding the homeless to hosting toy drives for needy children.

An interest club is created in order to provide students with the opportunity to meet with other students who share similar beliefs, passions, or hobbies

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How to start a club

In order to start a club, a student must work with a teacher adviser to complete all requirements set forth by the Activities Office.

How to join a club

In order to join a club, a student must speak with a teacher adviser to complete all requirements set forth by the club.

Why be part of a club

Clubs are a great way to learn skills, meet people, and improve your resume/ applications.

Club Requirements

All organizations must meet the following requirements:
  • Club constitution(guidelines provided)
  • Projected Calendar of Events
  • Host at least one event a month
    • Examples of events include:
      • Fundraisers
      • Community service opportunities
      • Parent volunteer opportunities
      • Assemblies
      • Performances
      • Socials
      • School projects
      • Contests
  • Maintain its assigned bulletin board
  • Office communication roster
  • Signed officer job analysis
  • Membership roster
  • Provide digital copy of minutes from at least one meeting a month
  • Two officers must attend monthly IOC meetings