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College Assistance Program


Veronica Quintana

Administrative Assistant & CAP Advisor


The College Assistance Program (CAP) is a postsecondary advisory program at ISCHS. The specialized focus of this program enables our CAP advisor to serve students more effectively because of their specific expertise in this field. CAP advisors communicate effectively on behalf of students as a result of their special relationships with college representatives as well as local, state, and national organizations.

The College Assistance Program (CAP) gives both students and parents opportunities to receive the information and tools needed to make the best decision when completing all the steps toward furthering their post-secondary education and the college-selection process. This includes information regarding college-application tracking tools and applications such as Common APP and SCOIR; facilitating with financial aid and scholarship applications; motivating students to participate in community service, extra-curricular activities, and sports; and obtaining recommendation letters.


The mission of the College Assistance Program (CAP) is to increase equitable college and career-readiness outcomes for all students.

December Scholarship Guidance

Scholarship Deadlines Between: December 17th and February 28th, 2022

Weekly Scholarship Newsletter available here:




The following booklets are filled with information to help students and families in their college planning.

College Tips: US & Abroad


Financial Aid Information

Below is some information on not only how to fill out the FAFSA but on virtual appointment with an advisor who will help with completing the FAFSA. Please if you have not completed the FAFSA and/or are having trouble, take advantage of this opportunity.

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