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International Studies Charter School

Drill Letter to Parents

September 2021


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):


On March 9, 2018, Governor Rick Scott signed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act into law. This Safety Act requires school districts to formulate and prescribe policies and procedures, in consultation with the appropriate public safety agencies, for emergency drills, for actual emergencies; including but not limited to, fires, natural disasters, active shooter, hostage situations, and bomb threats for all students and faculty at all the public schools within the jurisdiction of the District comprised of grades K-12. The act also dictates that drills for active shooter and hostage situations shall be conducted at least as often as other emergency drills.


Although the likelihood of experiencing an armed intruder on campus is extremely low, the active shooter drills in schools is a way to improve prevention and preparedness related to the possibility of an armed intruder on campus; moreover, it is now required in the State of Florida. For this reason, your child’s school will be conducting a variety of drills to address the above-mentioned scenario.


We encourage parents/guardians to take the opportunity to speak to your child about the drill, which we recognize may ease any concern your child may have.


It is the priority of this school and District to ensure the safety of your child. As always, thank you for 4to contact us at (305) 643-2955




Mrs. Alina Lopez