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Principal's Message

Vitoriano Rodriguez

Victoriano Rodriguez


Dear Students and Parents:

A school is meant to be the doorway to a person’s future. It is the place where character, knowledge and personal dreams meld to prepare each student for the remainder of their lives. Just as the world around us changes and evolves so, too, must International Studies Charter High School. You will see this change in many ways and in many places including here on our website. Right away, you will see that our new school logo is dynamic and underscores that our goal is to give our students a world of knowledge and preparation that will prepare them to conquer their own personally-envisioned successes.

A school is meant to be the doorway to a person’s future.

You will note that we have upgraded our website to have the information you need to succeed as a student, parent or community member. ISCHS needs you and this website is your platform to be a part of our success whether it is to select classes, know what’s going on or donate to our scholarship funds, among many other ways to make a difference and leave your legacy. These changes are all about the now that leads us to the future. It is about preparing for a future that is changing at a dizzying pace while also staying true to the values of integrity, scholarship and community. As ISCHS changes, and change is a constant we expect, we are looking for our students, parents and community to change with us. Embrace our new logo and unrelenting pursuit for excellence. Join us as we face tomorrow today.


Our Vision

International Studies Charter School was established to serve the needs of the community by offering a multi-lingual, multi-literate, and multi-cultural curriculum, preparing students to be thoughtful, educated members of a global society.

Our Mission

International Studies Charter School teaches students to think and behave as citizens of the world, make decisions with integrity, and graduate with a sense of purpose.