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Volunteers & Mentors

Parents, students, employees, and community members who wish to volunteer at a school, regional center, or district office MUST register online as follows:

First Time Users

To add students to a new Parent Account you must obtain the following:

  • Parents, will log into Parent Portal.
  • M-DCPS Students, will log into Student Portal.
  • M-DCPS Employees will log into Employee Portal.

All other volunteers/community members, will log into Community Portal. After portal login, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Services and Sites tab at the top.
  2. Click on the Be a School Volunteer! link.
  3. Choose your school(s) and activity(ies) in which you wish to volunteer.
  4. Go to your selected school/location and show your identification for final approval.
Returning School Volunteers and Mentors

School volunteers approved previously by schools WILL NOT have to re-register for the current school year. However, volunteers WILL have to log into the appropriate portal as outlined above, to re-select the school(s) and activity(ies) in which they wish to participate for the current school year.


Returning volunteers will be re-approved on a school-by-school basis. After logging in, volunteers should follow steps 1 through 4 above. Employee and student volunteers must update emergency contact information before re-selecting school(s) and activity(ies).

  • LEVEL 1 volunteers will require a new background check every three years.
  • LEVEL 2 volunteers will require re-fingerprinting every five years.
Fingerprint Procedures

For the identified high security positions, these persons must undergo a full fingerprint check with Miami-Dade County Public Schools:

  • The registration form must be entered into the database biography records.
  • Click button to request fingerprint.
  • Applicant must call the fingerprint office 305-995-7472 to schedule their time at least 24 hours prior to the requested date.Clearance of records will take no more than 72 hours if there are no records issues.
  • An M-DCPS Fingerprint letter must be given to the volunteer explaining the location, the hours and process for fingerprint. This letter must be obtained through the School Volunteer Program Office.
  • They must have a copy of their Social Security card, driver’s license, and their SVP registration form.
  • Once cleared by the School Volunteer Office, schools will be notified electronically.
  • They may begin service and should receive the same materials and training as stated in #5 of registration process.
  • However, if the record indicates criminal history, the volunteer’s records will be submitted for review.
Level of Volunteers

Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Volunteer Program has two levels of volunteers:

Level I: All volunteers with the exception of the “high security” positions.
Level II: 5 identified “High security” positions:


  • Certified Volunteer:  M-DCPS offers a certification program for interested persons who wish to support community involvement initiatives within the school system by assisting with the management of school volunteers or the School Volunteer Program. A 3-hour course is required as well as successful fingerprint completion.


  • Listeners/Oyentes Program: M-DCPS, in conjunction with the Francine and Herbert Tobin Foundation, offers this special program for interested volunteers who wish to be trained as Listeners. The program goals are to join the student’s world without judgment, to help build positive self-esteem, and to empower the student’s to develop their own excellent problem-solving skills. A 3 1/2 hour training and certification is required as well as successful fingerprint completion.


  • Overnight Chaperone:  This is defined as a volunteer who chaperones student groups and participates in sleeping arrangements with students. Overnight Chaperones are listed on official field trip forms.


  • Physical Education Assistant (all grade levels) –  A Physical Education Assistant is any volunteer who assists during physical education classes. This is a person who would have interaction with students. Successful fingerprinting completion is required.


  • Mentor:  For the purposes of M-DCPS, a mentor has a very special role. It is distinguished from a purely tutorial role.  Mentors are volunteers who are placed one-on-one with students or in small groups.  Their role is to provide a support system for the students.  Mentors may help with, but are not limited to, career planning, conflict resolution, academic encouragement, buddy systems, self-esteem building or decision-making skills.  Mentors may tutor, but tutors may not mentor unless they successfully complete the Level II background check
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Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Maria de Armas, Cafeteria Manager

Special Services & Help

Contact Maria Rodriguez, Treasurer

Student Activities & School Events

Contact Yvette Garcia-Tunon, Activities Director